Delaying the Real World

A Twentysomething's Guide to Seeking Adventure

Reviews & Media

Ms. Kinder is the author of what is becoming a must-read on college campuses. —The New York Times (Purchase full article)

Recent Yale grad and island-hopping adventurer Kinder advises fellow 20-somethings to shun the fluorescent-lit cubicles of the corporate world in favor of the great outdoors in this useful guidebook. Writing in a comfortably hip, conversational manner, she offers ideas for exciting changes of pace… Kinder includes numerous Website addresses so people can research her suggestions, and she grounds each chapter with a section on how these out-of-the-box experiences can be beneficial in the long run. Even the most timid will find her enthusiasm infectious, and both the book's subject and style are sure to appeal to college seniors and those who don't want to settle into the rat race just yet. —Publishers Weekly

…at 240 pages, [Delaying the Real World] is broken into seven clearly defined chapters, each of which looks at a different set of adventure opportunities…it puts the reader in touch with the necessary resources needed to take a life-altering trip or find satisfying work that doesn't feel like, well, work. There are many first person accounts and tips from satisfied adventurers (several of whom are from Buffalo) as well as lists of the valuable resources—such as Web sites, books, and organizations—that will help you fund your travels, plan itineraries, and track down the adventure that best fits your personality….Readers should be forewarned: you will probably catch the adventure bug it you partake in Delaying the Real World. And that would be the highest compliment you could pay the author. —ARTVOICE

The chapter on living and working abroad—which is also the longest chapter—is full of fascinating opportunities that most will probably not even know existed. You can live in a castle in France in exchange for work on the estate, write and edit in a paid internship with an English-language newspaper in Hong Kong, lifeguard or teach tennis in Australia…or do any number of other unique opportunities. —The Tower

To find out where the road leads…pick up Kinder's book and discover a world of available opportunities. —The Eagle, American University

Delaying the Real World is a useful book for graduates who are wondering if corporate life is really what they want, and if not—what next? —Boulder Dirt

Delaying the Real World is part inspiration, part road map, weaving personal journeys with the practicalities of post-graduation. —South Bend Tribune

If a college student only reads one book during his scholastic career, it should be this one. —The Pitt News (Read the full review)

Sainthood or not, good works can be a path to the good life, says Kinder, who encourages other young adults to take "alternative routes after college." —The Buffalo News (Read the full article)

Parents take heart: Just because your recent college grad refuses to dive into the work force doesn't mean she's on the path to Loserville. Take Colleen Kinder. —Washington City Paper (Read the full article)

Flyer News has found just the book for the anti-job mind. "Delaying the Real World," is Colleen Kinder's answer to every college student who doesn't want to jump right into a desk job after four years of academia. —Flyer News (Read the full article)

Colleen's book isn't about how to buy a Eurail pass and have a great summer vacation. It's about how to put off the pressures of post-graduate adult life and continue your education beyond the classroom. That means traveling the world, working abroad, volunteering for causes you care about, and not caring about people busy counting their 401(k) contributions back home. Colleen makes it clear that if you plan it right, the education provided by a year spent squishing grapes barefoot on a farm in Denmark can be more illuminating than four years of papers and finals, and far more rewarding than life as a corporate drone. —Sparknotes (Read the full article)

[Kinder]…argues that adventures away from the routine and safety of campus motivate young people to discover who they are and what they want to do and be. —The Seattle Times (Read the full article)

The good life isn't just about how much money you have, of course; it's how you spend it. Colleen Kinder…just published Delaying the Real World, a guide for twentysomethings on how to postpone the grind in favor of exotic or enriching experiences. —The Village Voice (Read the full article)

She is spot-on in her observation that a "year off" should in fact be considered "year on," in which the post-graduate learns what truly makes him or her tick—a process that can only lead to a more personally fulfilling career and life. —Meredith Dearborn, YES! Magazine (Read the full article)

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